The Right Herbal Formula

Hi. I visited your booth at the Burlington Vt Trial, I purchased Formula 1, and let me tell you, I have never seen a huge difference in my dog. He just turned 8 years old, and is acting like a 1 year old puppy. He has lots of energy, very happy, has a bright sparkle in his eyes. Thank-You so much for creating this wonderful herbs.

I would love to have my friends also enjoy this wonderful product.


G. D. (Quebec)

No Black Flies

I purchased a bottle of your Aint No Flies On Me when we were down at the Essex Junction Show in July - and you told me that it worked with skeeters and black fly.

Just got back from a vacation in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, where the skeeters are some-times mistaken for Russian MIGs, and where the black fly try to carry you off when they bite. I used the Spray on myself and the two Silkys, and lo! none of us got bitten once...that stuff is fabulous, and what is more, it smells super too.

Lots of people in the Wilderness Park asked me how much DEET I was using, and couldn't believe it when I told them I was using a natural product, with NO DEET. I allowed them a squirt of my bottle each time, and they were really awestruck! Congratulations.

J. F. and happy un-bitten Jonjon and Pickles.

Mosquitoes out!

We were recently on vacation in Maine with our friends Dave and Susan and we all used your Siriusly Aint No Flies On Me. Susan is the one who introduced us to it.

We were sitting outside one night in Maine and the Mosquitoes were out in force, so we all put one your product and it really works great.

I may have had one bite but I would watch the Mosquitoes land on my arms and just fly away, this is a wonderful product and it works and does not smell too bad either.

Thanks again for your great product.

J P, South Burlington.

Tremendous Difference!

Good Morning,

I have found a tremendous difference in attitude with Gage when he is on “Performance” herbs…..

It is always nice to have the same dog to live and practice with as to run with….

J K , Burlington

Energy Bars a Big Hit!

They were a big hit, I took them with me to Perry, GA for the U-fli tourney and let several people try them on their dogs. I had no problems with symptoms from the whole wheat, so hopefully he can enjoy them without any issues.

He really liked them a lot, he had the blueberry, we will try the gluten free coconut next Monday in Lakeland, Fl at a tourney, I will be ordering some more next month, thanks again for the great bars.

I notice that my dog does much better when he has the energy bars, he seems not to have as much energy when I don’t give them to him.

D J, Florida

Your shampoo is the best!!!!

I bought the shampoo and man am I ever impressed! I have such a hectic life running pug rescue and when I bathe my 4 pugs its a chore to get them all bathed and groomed. Your shampoo is the best!!!! I have tried so many different kinds- it rinses off fast and so clean, its amazing stuff. Can't wait to buy more at the pug social in stowe on Sept 20th:) thanks for coming- see you soon. Great work!! - K. P. Vermont

Success with Energy Bars

Hi Guys, Wanted to shoot a quick email to tell you about the huge success I had with your energy bars. I recently competed in a 3 day indoor agility trial in Vermont, where it tends to get very hot and muggy. I gave Soleil some energy bar around 20 minutes before each of her runs. Soleil double Q'd each day with placements, something we never done before!! Glad I bought some extra bars!

Thank You---- - R. O. Connecticut

Sirius in Vermont's sleep ease

I have dealt with mega stress for years. When I first tried Sirius in Vermont's sleep ease, I was AMAZED. I slept the whole night (a deep sleep). Waking the next morning to a total body that felt relaxed, rejuvenated, a calm throughout for the first time in many years. It has also enhanced my yoga with a more relaxed mind and body. I realize new benefits daily.

The soft calm has created the new me. I can't thank you enough. - G. D. Idaho


I just wanted to take a moment and email you. I was at Weimaraner Nationals in RI this past May. I actually live in Louisiana. At nationals, I purchased the bug spray and coat spray. I LOVE YOUR PRODUCTS. Every time we go to dog class everyone ask me about our wonderful smelling spray. I'm glad i took a lot of your pamplets. Thank you for taking the time to put in this product. - C. T., Louisana