Energy Bars

Sirius on the Road Energy Bars

Our health bars give an energy boost to the active dog-the dog out hiking, out jogging, out competing in the ring.  An obedience dog may be in Utility at nine and have to wait until one for Open.  A conformation dog may win the breed at 8:30 and have to wait for Group at 4:00.  Both may face a five hour drive home.  These energy bars give our dogs the fuel they need without the strain of digesting a full meal.  People have been known to eat them too!  Mainly organic, no filler, no strange chemicals-these convenient bars are more than a snack, less than a meal.  Stick a bar in your pocket and GO!

Sirius on the Road Energy Bar Gift Baskets

We have packed our energy bars into baskets with attractive seasonal decorations-ribbons, a bow and festive wrappings!  A gift that is sure to delight both dog and companion! Half Cranberry and Half Blueberry or all wheat free Coconut.

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